Minimal effort,
maximum effect.

  • easy to install
  • lots of different effects
  • animated decoration

The LED projectors display dancing Christmas motifs. They are easy to install. Simply choose the spot where you want to set it up, position the projector in the ground or in the majestic-looking flower pot with the help of the spike, plug it into the mains and point the projection on the wall – you can already see the snowflakes dancing.

Three additional sets of motifs are included in the Christmas Motion models, so you can alternate and enjoy the variation. You are also in charge of setting the speed and projection time with the ease of a remote control.

With the LED Laser BRW model you can also switch on red and blue laser dots or turn on just the laser projection on its own. With this model, you can choose from eight sets of different motifs. The projectors comply with the Swiss standards S+ and are certified.